Reformer on the Mat

Reformer on the Mat

  • 35 min

Of all the apparatus created by Joe Pilates, the Reformer - a carriage that is moved along its frame with wheels using springs for resistance - is undoubtedly the most well-known and most used from beginners to super advanced. It « reforms » the body!

In this session, the basic exercises that are usually performed on the Reformer have been transferred into the Mat. A fun but not easy (Pilates is never « easy ! ») session using some imagination to visualise the movement of the carriage and resistance of the springs to work the hard-to-find deep core muscles!

Professeur :

  • Rythmes :

  • Intensité modérée

  • Contre-indications :

  • Bas du dos fragile

  • Hernie discale

  • Blessure au dos

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